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Rahna Moreau


After careers in international development, the trade union movement, feminist publishing, and finance, Rahna Moreau decided to pursue art.


She studied art part-time at the University of Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Toronto School of Art before attending a full-time programme at the Art Centre in Toronto’s Central Technical School.


Rahna abandoned her art and studio in 2011 to become her elderly mother’s live-in caregiver.


In 2015, a year after her mother’s death, Rahna returned to art. She calls herself a re-emerging artist and chooses her medium and materials on a project-by-project basis. 


Dishes will be Broken is her first public art project since her mother's death.


Part-time studies:

2001- 2005: University of Toronto

2003 - 2009: Art Gallery of Ontario

2003 - 2009: Toronto School of Art


Full time program:

2009 - 2011: Art Centre, Central Technical School, Toronto

Dishes Will Be Broken

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